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What’s New in E3: Universal Aurora Edition 1.4

General Changes:

  • Support for PST made from Office 365 email backups is supported.
  • Ability to export multimedia and graphics while sorting has been added.
  • Image Analyzing functionality has been moved to a separate tool for yet faster content analysis in Electronic Evidence Examiner and future version of Image Analyzer that has more functionality in 4th Quarter 2017.
  • MBOX email databases created on Linux are now supported.
  • Ability to turn on/off the Auto-Exam wizard automatic pop-up option has been added.
  • Saving cases to a new location has been made more convenient.
  • Export of PST databases has been improved.
  • Parsing of Google Chrome data has been improved.
  • Possible problems exporting Thunderbird email databases have been fixed.
  • Possible problems searching in attachments have been fixed.
  • Overall stability has been improved.

Mobile Data Acquisition/Parsing Changes:

  • Ability to import Amazon Alexa cloud data has been added.
  • Parsing of Instagram application data for Android devices has been added.
  • Acquisition of iOS 11 devices have been added.
  • Import of backups made from iOS 11 devices has been added.
  • Ability to create a backup while acquiring devices with Android 6.0 and higher has been added.
  • Ability to parse data on the last three SIM cards used on devices with iOS 7x and higher has been added.
  • Connection to Android devices on logical and physical acquisition has been made more stable.
  • Possible problems acquiring Samsung S5 devices have been fixed.
  • Possible problems authenticating with Google Drive and Gmail have been fixed
  • Possible problems parsing the following applications have been fixed:
    • Jott
    • iOS Notes
    • VK
    • Snapchat

GUI Changes:

  • The Installed Application List grid has been enhanced with app icons.

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